Monday, January 3, 2011

Busy day of little chores...and donations!

Welcome to the first workday of 2011! My daughter Sara started her second semester of Sophomore year and Shawn and Chris have one more day before they return to school on Wednesday. I woke up bright and early right after Theresa left for her work day. She had a non-teaching workday. In the old days we called these days "teacher's workshop".  I had to take Shawn into get blood work drawn that was long overdue. He was in and out in no time.  The days when it took an hour just to get the needle near his arm are long over. These days Shawn is the first one lining up to donate blood during blood drives! I was able to replace a couple leaky washers in the bathroom shower head, a recessed lighting fixture cover in the bathroom and a few other little chores around the house today.

Shawn and Chris received a 32 inch flat screen television from Santa for Christmas. Shawn and I took their old (and majorly heavy) 32 inch round screen and LARGE box T.V. to the Salvation Army for a donation. The Salvation Army has been the recipient from the Gillespie household for years. I must admit, the primary reason I started using the Salvation Army is one of convenience. They will come pick up old furniture or appliances that are too big for me to dispose of myself and items too large to fit in the trash can. But now, I take even the smallest of items into the Salvation Army. This is truly an outstanding organization. Many people don't know the Salvation Army is an Evangelical Church. Headquartered in London, England, the Salvation Army has been performing evangelical, social, and charitable work for over 145 years when William and Catherine Booth founded the East London Christian Mission.

We probably know most about the Salvation Army by the Red Kettle Drive and bell ringers at the door of stores during the Christmas shopping season.  But the Salvation Army has also been a significant part of my son Shawn's education. Shawn lives with an autistic spectrum disorder known as Pervasive Developmental Disorder or PDD. The Salvation Army has given Shawn the opportunity to develop occupational skills, improve his social interaction skills, and develop good work habits that are crucial in the workforce. Shawn works a couple hours each afternoon at a Salvation Army retail store and has done a tremendous job. It is a wonderful charitable organization that has provided rehabilitation services to millions of people who need an extra hand of support over the years around the globe.

I hope your first workday of the new year was a welcome back and not a major let down. Remember the positive--the day's sunlight hours are getting longer!

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