Sunday, January 23, 2011

Picking the Super Bowl Contenders

So this is it. Today we will know who will be representing the AFC and the NFC in Super Bowl 45. I never have to wonder what Super Bowl number we are just happens to be how old I am on that day. So how do I pick the Super Bowl contenders?

Curly Lambeau was an employee of the Indian Packing Company. In 1919, Curly solicited funds from his employer for uniforms and equipment. His employer was happy to supply the team with uniforms and equipment on the condition the team be named after the company. The Green Bay Packers were born! And since packers pack and can meat....this is may be a bad scenario for the Packers foe...the Chicago Bears. Armed with a potent offense and defense--look for the Green Bay Packers to Pack their bags for Dallas in Super Bowl 45.

So the NFC is decided...on to the AFC.

Nothing demonstrates the will, determination, the entrepreneurship of America like the Midwestern city, Pittsburgh. It is where the steeler baron Andrew Carnegie decided to call home. This captain of industry was the reason America moved from life in rural America to the cities. The origin of American productivity and business creativity can be traced back to the era Carnegie dominated. Buildings that once stood several stories tall with brick and wood frames, could now soar dozens and dozens of stories in the sky. Skyscrapers were born. In their early days, some people were even afraid to walk by certain buildings for fear they would fall down.  P.T. Barnum actually demonstrated the safety of steel bridges by parading his circus elephants across bridges because people were afraid to travel on the early steel bridges. This innovation, creativity, and unimaginable inventive nature of America was truly demonstrated by Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie also donated all (that was ALL) of his fortune on his death. He left no money behind to his family or children. His philanthropic nature has been imitated by contemporary giants such as Microsoft's Bill Gates.

And so who will win this game? Joe Namath may have guaranteed a Jets win in Super Bowl 3 (sorry I remember this one only in old video) but you cannot be a Jet without some steel components. Jets may be able to fly high in the sky...but not without Steel. And New York City? How much steel sits in New York City? Where would the city that never sleeps be without steel? My prediction in the AFC championship game? Look for the Pittsburgh Steelers to play in their 8th Super Bowl.


  1. Nice job Mr. G. 2 for 2

    How does an Illinoisan get away with picking the Packers over the Bears. Wait... do you actually live in Davenport?

  2. Thanks Scott!

    I live in Illinois-Rock Island. There are many more Packer fans on this side of the state than most think. I'd say there is about 1/3 of the people who were pulling for Green Bay. You get over into Iowa and it is a huge swing towards Green Bay. Ironically the team I root for first is the Indianapolis Colts. I've never rooted for a team based on geography.