Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pop goes the outlet!

I wake up this morning to give myself a little hair trim (Yes, my hairline enables me to pull this off). I plug in my electric trimmer into the bathroom vanity electrical outlet and "POP" goes the outlet! This was not a total surprise. We have been tripping the ground-fault trip for a couple of days. When the outlet goes, so to goes the light switch. So my day started by running to the hardware store to buy a new ground-fault electrical outlet. I come home and assemble the outlet in a matter of minutes. Each time I turn the circuit back on the outlet trips and no power....hmmm? So after repeated attempts I thought, "maybe it trips when the circuit is started and just needs to be pushed in and reset....and BINGO! That is all that was needed!

Though I failed to "get power" to the outlet three times...I certainly didn't beat Thomas Edison. The "Wizard of Menlo Park" as Edison was common referred as, failed hundreds, if not thousands of times to successfully burn a filament in a light bulb. When explaining the process of developing the electric light bulb Edison explained, "I did not fail 1000 times, I found and proved 1000 ways that do not work." I like that attitude Edison displayed.  I may have struggled a little longer than necessary to power up the outlet and the light switch, in the end I learned those little ground-fault trip buttons need to be pressed after power is restored.

So how did my day progress from that point? I took the boys to the dentist for their teeth cleaning and exam. One boy is cavity free-the other not. We left the dentist and had lunch at the mall and to buy Theresa a present for her birthday tomorrow. While eating lunch, Shawn ate in about 90 seconds and wanted to take off and window shop. Chris and I took more time to eat and in the process had quite a long, positive, and enlightening discussion.

I brought the boys home and continued with a little more shopping. I took Molly to the groomers to get a bath--she got a bit dirty when we were gone on our Christmas Vacation trip. She's now home looking and smelling very nice!

Well 11 Pipers are piping!  Until next time!

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