Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bye bye red and green...and blue

Yesterday we took down our Christmas tree and all the Christmas decorations. Our house has virtually no Christmas Red or Christmas Green in it anymore. We do like to decorate our home with decor that reflects the season. Right now the predominate color of the season is Winter Greenery and White Snow. So in our home we still have Winter Greenery and White lights. It is much more country or cabin feeling than one of Christmas in our home. There's always an atmospheric change when old decorations get packed away and new ones get unpacked and displayed in the house. The coziness of Christmas is replaced with the openness of winter. There is a lot less color and much less busyness. I suppose that is what January really is--substantially slower than December--not as colorful and a time to plan for more exciting things down the road.

And we can say goodbye to the color blue--as in Colt Blue. The Colts lost their playoff game yesterday against the New York Jets. I must admit, I thought a win in the playoffs for the Colts was not likely. This year's Colts were banged up, bruised up, and injured beyond hope. The fact they made the playoffs is a testament to the quality of the players not hurt..i.e. Peyton Manning. Now I root for the best teams around in hoping they can defeat the New England Patriots...I'll root mostly for the Steelers (my second favorite team in the AFC) and the Packers. If the Packers go down, I'll root for the Bears.

We have the possibility of a rematch of Super Bowl XX when the Bears beat the Patriots. However, this go -round the Patriots likely would be a huge favorite instead of the underdogs they were in Super Bowl XX.  In the end, I'm rooting for anyone but New England.


  1. How exactly can you root for the Bears?

    Luckily the Packers won and you won't have to resort to such a horrible thing. :-)

  2. hehe....I like the Packers in the NFC....The Colts are my favorite team. I do have a team I root against no matter who is playing them and that is New England. I used to like them before Brady and Belichick. We have a pretty good Packer/Bear split fan base up here in NW Illinois.