Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome, Shopping, and the Twelve Days of Christmas!

Welcome to History with Mr. G!

History often ranks one point higher than after school detention for many students. There are many reasons for this but I attempt to break through the stereotype that history simply doesn't matter. We all create history every day we live. History is not boring and history isn't owned by the dead and the famous. WE own history! History is ours to own and to make! This blog is about daily happenings. The only thing history is about is "happenings". History happened--our lives happened...therefore we ARE history.

So how did I make history today?  My wife Theresa and I went shopping! Yes, shopping! I know this time of year is about Rubbermaid containers and storing the Christmas decorations for one more year. My decorations are still up and glowing. I love Christmas! I will put my Christmas decorations away when I am good and ready.  You know, in colonial America, a Christmas wreath was always left up on the front door of each home, and when taken down at the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas, any edible portions would be consumed with the other foods of the feast. The same held true in the 19th-20th centuries with fruits adorning Christmas Trees. Fresh fruits were hard to come by, and were therefore considered fine and proper gifts and decorations for the tree, wreaths, and home. Again, the tree would be taken down on Twelfth Night, and such fruits, along with nuts and other local produce used, would then be consumed. So those of you who think we have over commercialized Christmas and we've celebrated Christmas a bit too long, consider our forefathers and mothers who celebrated Christmas until the evening of January 5th!

So now the important question!! I know you are all wondering!! What did we buy shopping in the post Christmas shopping malls and stores? Well, my wife wanted to get a bag to carry her iPad in so we bought one of those. We also bought the most important consumable item you can buy this time of year...a 2011 calendar! And we also replenished our food cabinets and refrigerator with new food to eat and get us through the remaining days of the Twelve Days of Christmas!  So my calendar says it is time for Nine Ladies to start dancing! Don't give up Christmas just yet. Remember History reminds us the Christmas celebration has and can continue much longer than those who end it between December 26th and New Years Day!


  1. Most excellent Mr. G....I love it!

  2. I went shopping today too! I bought exercise pants to wear in the cold weather- thanks to all the Christmas Celebrations!! I came home and me and my Ipod walked a brisk 2 miles!! Felt great and I can't wait to go out again tomorrow!! My excessive intake of Christmas Calories is now "History"!! Get it?? "History!!!" hehehe .....(couldn't resist :)

  3. I enjoyed reading the angle you gave to the 'after Christmas' season! Well written and easy to comprehend! I'll enjoy seeing more blog entrys in the future - as reviews of the past - thus being history in the making! And from now on, Mr. G's blogs will really be his story....get it...His-story...History!!

  4. I just love the His story twist the Davis family is providing. I can't think of a finer group of people to make history with!

  5. Cool mr g still teaching at mhs

  6. Nic,

    I am substitute teaching there. I'll see you around there this next semester.